3 bad habits can cause server damage to your ears

3 bad habits can cause server damage to your ears

In general, all of us pray for their five senses, including the eyes, nose, skin, tongue as well as ears. If you lose any one of them, it seems as if the world is gone away.

Anyways, some people do not realize that their daily routine is deafening their ears without realizing it at all.

1. Slowly kill your ear with your headphone

In fact, it is very common for everyone to walk the streets listening to the headphones, but they do not know that turning on the sound to listen to music to silence the surroundings is deafening them from hearing at all.

2. The activity of Ear weaving

Mostly, people are not careful about the scabies. The research has discovered that the cotton swab contains 10 Antimicrobial Peptides that keep bacteria and fungi in the ear, causing infections in the eardrum which should be avoided.

3. Ear piercings

We’ve all have known that the activity of ear piercings is a tradition in the world. Anyways, it may allow you to wear different jewelry to show off the beauty, but you should make sure you pair your ears with the experts, since in unknown places they may use infected or sterile equipment, causing serious infections leading to deafness forever.