How To Get Free V-Bucks In 2020

What are V-bucks?

One of the most convenient ways to earn free V-bucks is by logging into your account each day. Remember, that you never miss a day. You will receive more, as the period of subsequent days you login increases. In the table to the right, you will find the exact amount that is rewarded for the number of days.

How to Get Free V Bucks in Battle Royale

The easiest way to Generate Free V Bucks Fortnite to unlock Season 11 Battle Pass and Daily Featured Items.

Earn 13 500 V-bucks

You can earn 4500 V-bucks in 30 days of time. With this calculation we expect you to earn 100 a day with the Daily Quests. 1100 with the Daily login and a small 400 with the challenges.

Requirments to earn free V-bucks -how to get free vbucks

The Battle Royale gaming mode is free to download. how to get v bucks on the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. However, if you want to play the Campaign, you will need to purchase the Fortnite game. Sometimes they provide discounts so don’t purchase for the full price.


The PVP Battle Royale is the free version. You could choose the PVE Campaign Standard Edition for $39.99, PVE Campaign Deluxe Edition for $59.99, PVE Campaign Super Deluxe Edition for $89.99 or PVE Campaign Limited Edition for $149.99. There is a 2 Digital Standard Edition for Friends Limited Edition where you can play with 2 exclusive legendary heroes, one exclusive legendary weapon, eight heroes in a rare starter pack, four weapons and one trap in the rare starter weapon pack, an exclusive founders pistol, two exclusive defenders in-game and exclusive founders chat channel. All of this worth a total value of $350 for only $149.99. The standard edition gets you six daily loot pinata packs, one exclusive founder loot and four exclusive banners to personalize the account and showcase on the profile.