The appearance design of the rear camera of Galaxy S11+ that we’ve seen is not really accurate

Some of you may have already known that a few days ago, the new appearance design of the new smartphone model Galaxy S11+ leaked and shared on lots technology websites. The most interesting thing about it is that after we’ve seen the appearance design of its rear camera and the location of sensor of Galaxy S11+, most people, particularly those who support Samsung have shared their comments that they are not satisfied with this new appearance design since it doesn’t looks fit each other at all.

Lately, we’ve just obtained another information related to the model Galaxy S11+ and we can say that it’s good news for those who don’t like this new appearance design of this rear camera of Galaxy S11+. Obviously, according to a top distributor, leaked information regarding a famous Samsung product called Ice Universe said that the rear camera style of the Galaxy S11 + we saw today is not quite right at all. Furthermore, he also added that all Periscope zoom lenses on smartphones are always angular (to allow better light), while the rear camera of the Galaxy S11 +, which we see through the Render image, has a rounded shape. On the other hand, ha also claimed that the location of the rear camera of the new smartphone model Galaxy S11+ is not complicated at all since it will look tidy and it’s also fancier that what we can see as well.

Notice that the new smartphone model Galaxy S11+ may come along with the display screen size up to 6.9 inches, type SAMOLED, with the Refresh Rate up to 120Hz as well. In terms of the camera, of course, it will come along with the camera sensor up to 108MP with top series of lens up to 48MP that has strong capability of Optical Zoom up to 10 times and Hybrid Zoom up to 100 times that Samsung calls this new function that Space Zoom. On the other hand, the new smartphone model Samsung Galaxy S11 + will also come with Ultra-Wide Angle, the largest lens ever on a smartphone, along with a new laser focus sensor that enhances the ability of the rear camera. Notice that the new smartphone model Samsung Galaxy S11 + works even more amazingly. Moreover, the rear camera of the Galaxy S11 can record video at 8K at 30fps, too.