This is a new Razer Electric SUV Edition using electric power!

It’s good news for those who like to play games especially for fans of Razer’s products, since we are now introducing the NIO ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition, which was created as a Edition of two major companies working together to Developed it includes PC maker Razer and NIO electric car producer.

In fact, there are some specs you’d expect from a Razer such as the green logo and the Chroma LED, but you know that, it comes in the form of a car that looks really nice compared to others. More importantly, it also features Hue lighting and THX Spatial Audio, so you can enjoy your role as a warrior while cruising the streets at night. However, don’t be too excited, as NIO is producing just 88 SUVs.

Furthermore, it is an electric-powered SUV with a 544bhp engine and has acceleration from 0-100mph in 4.7 seconds. In reality, it was made just for the top Razer fan, because for non-fans there may be many other luxury electric cars to choose from.

Overall, the creation of the ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition is also the beginning of a partnership between Razer and NIO, thus, there is a chance we might see this collaboration to create more new products. More in the future. Anyways, the ES6 will only be available in China for around $ 67,419.