Total sales of 5G smartphones will reach 1 billion units by 2025

The research report conducted by Strategy Analytics showed that 5G-powered smartphones will increase from next year. Moreover, forecasters also report that the 5G will sell a total of 1 billion units globally from now until 2025 because of its affordable price, too.

Actually, the whole technology industry is moving towards the 5G Technology era very fast, and in the coming years, some smartphone makers in the market will surely announce the 5G mid-range and it also attracts more customers as well as international market share. Even thought, 5G Technology is currently only 1% of the market, but researchers predict that it will reach 10% by 2020 as the technology expands. Exactly, while some tech giants like Samsung and Huawei have already launched the 5G system on their smartphones, Apple, Google, Sony and Nokia are still studying it and it has made the market becomes smaller for the latest generation of telecommunications technologies Industry.

Of course, the advantage of 5G technology is that its allows users to access high-speed internet for downloading files or data in large amounts in a short period of time may save time, but because 5G smartphones are too expensive and some countries collectively Even our district does not yet have a publicly available 5G network, so it is difficult to get in to the current market.